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Episode Summary

What does it mean when we say, “I love you”? Matt and Sunaina share how these words can be an expression of appreciation for needs being deeply met by another person, and how relationships are only one beautiful way among many to meet our needs.

Episode Notes

Explore this NVC needs list to understand the needs that are met in your relationships and in your life.

Needs Inventory

As Sunaina mentions in this episode, you can take a “needs inventory” of your life! Print out the above needs list and rate from 1 to 10 (a) how important each need is for you, and (b) how met each need is for you at this point in your life. Understanding yourself can empower you to find creative ways to enhance your well-being. If you like these tools, the Compassion Course (run by the folks who trained Sunaina in this work) may be a great resource to learn more.

About the Show

Join Matt and Sunaina as they learn how to live joyful and compassionate lives, using mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication to map their journey. Every few weeks, they and their guests will explore topics related to wellness, relationships, empathy, growth, and compassion.


  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing your interpretation of LOVE ❤️. I like the fact that saying I Love You is saying Thank You for Meeting my NEEDS. It now makes sense to me when I say I Like You and I say I Love You Too.

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