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Episode Summary

Strong emotions like anxiety, anger, and sadness can sometimes derail us. In this episode, the Happy Wanderers interview Shawn Elliot Russell, who developed crippling anxiety that almost forced him to abandon his dream to create and perform positive hip-hop. He shares a process he developed through years of exploration and experimentation that enabled him to escape his anxiety, which can be used to weather other emotional storms like sadness and embarrassment.

Today, Shawn is living his dream, touring as a hip-hop artist, author, and public speaker (he will be speaking at TEDxMcAllen in Nov 2019!). His picture book, “Be Still, Little Tree, Be Still” is about dealing with difficult emotions by planting your roots and letting the storm pass.

Episode Notes

For more on Shawn Elliot Russell, you can read his picture book Be Still, Little Tree, Be Still or listen to him perform it on his YouTube Channel. You can connect with Shawn on Facebook or through his website. You can also look out for his TEDxMcAllen talk in November 2019!

About the Show

Join Matt and Sunaina as they learn how to live joyful and compassionate lives, using mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication to map their journey. Every few weeks, they and their guests will explore topics related to wellness, relationships, empathy, growth, and compassion.

Cover photo by Yu-chuan Hsu on Unsplash

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