Episode Summary

Recently Matt found himself feeling trapped and on the verge of escalating an argument with his dad. But using the kung-fu powers of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), he was able to redirect his rising emotions into a non-judgmental request that not only avoided the argument but ended up strengthening their relationship.

In this episode of The Happy Wanderers, Matt and Sunaina explore how to ask for what you want in the midst of a challenging situation and how listeners can use this same method to communicate and connect with others–an especially useful skill in these difficult times.

Episode Notes

Use this Nonviolent Communication feelings and needs cheat sheet to communicate your needs without judgment so others are more likely to hear you. Sign up for our mailing list for more helpful resources.

About the Show

Join Matt and Sunaina as they learn how to live joyful and compassionate lives, using mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication to map their journey. Every few weeks, they and their guests will explore topics related to wellness, relationships, empathy, growth, and compassion.

Cover Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

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