Finding joy and compassion in a world that could use a little more.

Join Matt and Sunaina as they learn how to live joyful and compassionate lives using mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication to map their journey. Every few weeks, they and their guests will explore topics related to wellness, relationships, empathy, growth, and compassion.

This website is their home base where you can find every podcast episode as well as helpful resources like a feelings and needs sheet and an introduction to NVC.

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About Sunaina

Sunaina Chugani Marquez is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley where she researches and teaches Consumer Behavior. She has studied Nonviolent Communication (NVC) under John Kinyon and Thom Bond and has led NVC workshops at Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego. She grew up and went to school in Texas, worked in New York and San Diego for a few years, and now is back home in Texas.

About Matt

Matt Marquez is a Senior Photographer at Siege Media in downtown San Diego. He grew up in Hawaii and worked in New York and San Diego before moving to Texas in 2021. He specializes in product and event photography and his work has been featured by Time Out New York, the Wall Street Journal Online, the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival, the New York Road Runners and Milk Studio’s Milk.xyz.